The purpose of cats.

There are some arguments which cause much division. Everton or Liverpool. Elvis or the Beatles. Cats or dogs.

Not everyone cares about football, and musical greatness extends far beyond the two most popular artists/bands in recording history. But on favourite pets, there is even less sitting on the fence. Everyone seems to have a view.

I personally sit very on the much on the dog side of any such debate, purely because I’ve never seen a great deal of point in owning a cat.

They’re too independent. You can’t take them with you to play ball in the park. They won’t scare off that distant cousin who visits unattended, but who you’d rather not see. And while dogs are delighted to see their owner return home, marking the occasion in rather excitable fashion, cats are generally still out themselves and return home only when there’s no better socialising on offer somewhere else.

However, I’ve come to the conclusion that there lies a purpose for the existence of cats after all: Simon’s Cat. Because without cats, there would be no Simon’s Cat.

The series of short videos has been going on YouTube since 2008, with a host of new episodes added periodically since then and appealing to cat and dog lovers alike.

Have a watch of the opening clip from the series below, or click the link to check out the Simon’s Cat YouTube channel.

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