The Dalglish factor

What better way to kick start a new blog than with a post about the influence of Kenny Dalglish on Liverpool FC since taking over as manager in January.

As a Liverpool fan, the season was practically a write-off at the time of his arrival, with seemingly the only realistic goal being to achieve a position far more respectable than that which the club was in after such a dismal first half to the campaign.

Sixth place, which at the time was occupied by Sunderland, appeared the limit to what was possible, but even that was a touch unrealistic.

Four months later and Liverpool are now in a position in which they may be able to secure 5th place with a game to spare. And there is even a prospect of 4th place, albeit a remote one.

A pair of owners, out of their depth and unable/unwilling to make the right decisions for the club have been forced out. A manager has left – a good manager, but one unsuited to Liverpool FC. And a player unhappy with lack of silverware has moved on to new things – specifically, to not win trophies in London instead.

It’s all added up to a positive atmosphere around the club again, and those involved have their smiles back.

The impact of Kenny returning has been massive. And that’s why he needs to be given the job on a permanent basis.

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